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Flat Roofing

Torch-on felt is what covers most flat roofs and has come a long way in the last ten years. This is the go-to option, cheap and readily available, it’s usually applied in two or three layers.


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Roofers south dublin is the solution. Most repair jobs are completed in just one day, Plus, you get a guarantee with all our work and excellent customer service, So you never have to worry about your roof again


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Don't worry we are the right team to carry out your roof repairs or to re-roof your home. If it’s your first time to hire a roofing contractor in Dublin. People tend to get quotes from a number of roofing contractors and then choose the one that meets their needs based on their budget, materials, and time required.

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From Residential to Commercial Roofing we also handle all types of roofs. Roof Repairs, Fast, Free Quotes on Tiles, Slate, Flat roofs. Tile is the most commonly found roofing material in dublin, we also offer a 5 star slate repair services to clients


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